Bruce Dearling


Prior to joining Hepworth Browne, Bruce worked as IP Counsel for a multi-national business having a global market presence. Earlier within a successful UK private practice he supported both major telecommunication companies and SMEs.

Bruce has extensive experience in patent prosecution in software and telecommunications and also in IP litigation, including controlling responsibility for enforcement of leading-edge cases in trade secret theft and database rights. At the leading edge of legal arguments, decisions from Bruce's cases before the EPO's Board of Appeal have been included in the latest edition of its published case law. As an IP strategist and counsellor, Bruce's approach is to establish an effective partnership with his clients. This proven approach has aligned IP rights with his clients' evolving commercial needs to maximize both their commercial opportunities and the return on their investments.


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“Some years ago you entrusted me with this case, at that time it was a shocking task. Highly difficult and not that easy to understand. However, you started like a patient teacher to introduce me step by step into this field. It was good that you took my hand for this exciting excursion and you did this in a very fair and human way. Over the years I learnt from you how to handle a major case. What I was never able to repeat, however, was your brilliant intelligence and your brain that was working like a hard disc. Frankly saying, I have never met an IP lawyer since 1991 (the year I started) that was that brilliant.”

TL, counsel, Germany

“Thanks for your great assistance over the last four years. Your energy and enthusiasm, and your feel for telecoms technology, have not only been second to none, but have helped the firm make substantial steps in its development.”

MGL, London

“As an experienced lawyer and also former judge, I could appreciate your great professionalism in this very complex and complicated litigation. I got to know in your person one of the most competent intellectual property legal experts I ever met. Your engagement to serve the case was relentless and of great competency.”

AL, Luxembourg