Patenting The Unpatentable in Europe

Our arguments and practice notes have pre-empted the concerns expressed by the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO [in G003/08] and the US Supreme Court in Bilski aligned these concerns with both real-life commercial systems and case law and now function to develop a line of reasoned objectivity.

Making use of a working rapport with eminent judges and senior patent office examiners, we are refining a consistent legal approach that reconciles the tipping-point at which a technically-implemented system addressing predominantly administrative functions can be considered to take on a technical character by providing some form of technical solution, i.e. protecting commercial systems that from the outset appear faster, better, more reliable, etc. As a base, we draw on an extensive technical, in-house commercial and IP expertise spanning more than 20 years to focus on the bigger international picture. But we never lose sight of the detail (when it counts).

If there's a problem, we believe that our experience can help you achieve a successful IP outcome in an environment where success is often difficult.

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